Attach Image to Text in Desktop Client

Delta Chat version

<= 1.12.0

Expected behavior

Attaching image to text should send both as a single message, as in the Android app.

Actual behavior

The image is sent immediately and separately without the text which was already entered.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Type some text in the message entry box, and before sending,
  2. Attach an image


It is unintuitive that an “attachment” does not attach. Am I doing something wrong? (I don’t appear to be.) What do I need to do to attach an image to some text, or vice versa, using the desktop client, in a similar way to the Android app?

Note that this is most important when sending messages to users who are using a normal MUA, as it could be quite annoying and unexpected to receive double the number of expected emails: one for a photo, and another for its caption or comment!

Thank you for your report, I can confirm your finding.