Attachments and encryption

Are attachments (such as images) encrypted on messages that have the little padlock symbol?


(the little padlock is valid for things inside its “bubble frame”)

That’s great, thank you. I found the files unencrypted locally and exposed to other apps via iOS’ internal file sharing setup in the Delta folder. (Weirdly, not all of them.)

Probably sometimes I use “share” from the Photo gallery and sometimes I use the paperclip from within Delta Chat. I’ll try to keep a look out in the future for what happens to which files.

yip, these are shared files or files taken from the camera, so they were exposed anyway before.

however, we still should delete them as they take up some place, it is a bit weird, indeed, see when is `.Trash` emptied? · Issue #1397 · deltachat/deltachat-ios · GitHub

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