Audio issues with 0.930.2

Can’t play any audio message sent or recieved on v0.930.2. I’m using a RedmiNote6Pro with Android 9

hi @Massick, thanks for reporting!

are you on 64bit?
you can check this at settings / advanced / view log, either there should be a arch=32 or arch=64 in the upper area.

I’m on 32 now (using 0.510 again), don’t know if that changes when upgrading. Tell me if I got to install 0.930.2

yip, this may change.

  • 0.510 does not have 64bit code at all and always shows arch=32
  • 0.930 has 32 and 64bit code and the latter is used on 64 bit systems then, mostly newer smartphones then.

as you’re on anroid9 and Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro seems to be a rather recent phone, it is rather probably that you’re on a 64 bit architecture.

arch=64, I just checked on v0.930.2

thanks for coming back to this. i’ve just filed an issue for this at

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For the record: This has been fixed in version 0.940.2.

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@pabz thanks for re-checking - and welcome aboard!