Audio messages on desktop (MS10)

Good DC team, user,

surely another dummy question of one now able to use a lap top and DC on it:

My person wonders if it is possible to send audio messages like on android as well, not seeing a button for a record action.

May ‘blind’ foolish question and disturbance be pardoned.

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Hello :wave:,
unfortunately this function is still missing in DC desktop. But there is a workaround.
You can create an audio file with another program and then simply send it as a file with DC Desktop.
The recipient can play the file directly in DC. At least in DC iOS.
I don’t have DC Android so I can’t check it there.
In Windows 10 there is a voice recorder that can be used for this.

Appreciation for care, good householder.

My person didn’t thought on such at all (as somehow a key function that makes a different), merely thought certain privacy settings are necessary.

Not imagine-able how many work and efforts are done all over here and many places in a terrible complex net of pulling for holding control.

Atma found recently given voice recorder with an MS10 package, yet saw that it uses only m4a files which seems to be a matter of pulling toward apple stuff in some cases.

But nothing urged at all, rather wishing all peaceful undertakings far off all.

I asked someone with DC Android and can now confirm that the workaround works with it too.
The m4a file format is not a problem.

Again appreciation!
Android hasn’t problems with m4a files, but - as once having been told - apple/iphone has in certain cases.

I can’t confirm that from my experience.
On my iPhone, the files play fine in DC.
Practically no difference to a normal voice message.

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