Avoid accidental chat duplication by non-delta chat user?


We encountered the following little annoyance:

  • 3 delta chat users and 1 non-delta chat user communicate in a chat.
  • Then the non-delta chat user somehow writes an email to the other three in a way that leads to the creation of a new chat - why? How is that possible?
  • Result: The delta chat users receive another chat without being asked, and, of course, with the same 4 members in it. So there are two chats and this is confusing for everyone.

How can we avoid such a scenario to double chats by accident by non-delta chat users?

Thanks for this fantastic app.

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How can we avoid such a scenario to double chats by accident by non-delta chat users?

what email client other than deltachat was used?

It must have been either k9 mail on adroid or thunderbird on a PC.

hey, @mpa - first of of all, welcome aboard - and thanks for your praise <3

as far as i know, Delta Chat creates new “ad hoc” groups when a new top-level message arrives, so if the message from the non-delta-chat user did not use “Reply All” but eg. adds the other three members in a new message manually. this is on purpose and expected behaviour.

if that happens for other reasons, of course, it may be a bug.

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Ich denke das wird immer passieren, wenn ein amderer als ein DC client involviert ist in den Chat.
Denn der beherrscht nicht den Syntax seine Nachricht als Chat-Folgeantwort zu markieren.
So wird eine email-Nachrixht immer einen neuen Chat starten.

It would be helpful to understand the exact circumstances when non DC clients trigger the creation of new chats.

If non-DC users can (unwillingly) disturb the usage of chats because DC creates duplicated ones… then this makes it hard even for pure DC users.

I am willing to help here with further tests.

FYI: This issue is still open. Last week we had a DC user on android posting 3 photos. The first two unwillingly created new chats each. The last photo arrived in the correct pre-existing group chat. We will continue to investigate that.