Beta iOS share pictures

Beta v.0.920.1

Share pictures from DC to iOS picture app

DC application closes suddenly

Screen snapshots

Debug logs

If applicable, debug logs can be copied from within the Delta Chat app: 

Open the _Settings_ menu -> _About_ -> _version number|Info_.

Alternatively from the Android system log:

` adb logcat -v time -s DeltaChat `

This log contains private data (e.g. mail address, provider information) which shall be removed or anonymised prior to posting.

hi @Aviva, thank you for your report.

to reproduce the problem, additional information seems to be needed (at least i failed in reproducing an error):

what do you mean exactly by “Share pictures from DC to iOS picture app”?
from which screen do you start sharing? what is the “iOS picture app”?
what are the exact steps you are doing? is it reproducible for you? which iOS version are you using etc.

Thank you. Let me show you some 2 pictures. I just tried to save pictures from DC to my pictures gallery in the iPhone. The same error is when I try to share the picture to another app in my phone.