Better contact handling

It’s a bit difficult (if not extremely tedious), when we change accounts in DC, export our contacts

Expected behavior

We are able to send more than one contact info at the same time (if not all), with the possibility to export it as vCard (or any other format) too.

Actual behavior

afaik current method (as of DC v1.0.0) is to send a message to the recipient with contact name and a clickable email


+1 would like to export contacts only to import them in a different address, currently you can only export whole account or keys, so can’t move your contacts ex. when migrating from a google account to riseup or disroot

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Maybe importing and then changing the e-mail address and password could work well enough? Most people will then see any new chat message as a contact request then. It’s at least an interesting experiment that could be the basis for improving it :wink:


side note: this only works on Android, desktop disables the email input field once an account is configured, and I think even the python bindings don’t allow changing the email address once the account is configured, so this is kind of a hack in the Android version, I think it isn’t recommended to do so :wink:

yip :slight_smile: but moving your e-mail account is not that uncommon. It’s just not a defined UX flow and functionality. but maybe it’s wrong topic here :wink: