Better FAQ / Help / Documentation Page

I imagine something user friendly -> short articles that speak about one topic at a time and also have illustrations and screen shots.

An example for such an article would be how to use DC on my existing email and would highlight the different problems and solutions (each in its own how to):

  • prevent double notifications
  • have only chat messages on dc and email in my normal client
  • and so on…

What are your thoughts and wishes for such a site?

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We could make video tutorials on the most common things, too.

Attempt to remove some context hiccups from

What is Delta Chat?

Delta Chat is a messenger app that sends messages via the existing e-mail network. If possible, messages are encrypted with Autocrypt. If the recipient’s e-mail app lacks Autocrypt support, the messages will be sent as regular e-mails.

How to use Delta Chat?

If you receive a Delta Chat message in your email application you may simply reply as always.

Installing Delta Chat yourself could help you with the additional ease-of-use for “chat interactions”, and by automatically organizing all chat messages into a sub-folder.

The Delta Chat app is simple to install, and to setup with an existing email account. There is no need to sign up anywhere else.

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With deltachat automatically also generating notifications for classic emails, if a “push” email app is installed, it would just be a logic and intuitive “mute the email app”.

With the defaults as in [Wiki] Use-cases, chat rules and configuration options, I think there’s nothing to configure or document here. (As it should be.)