Bot or Addon on phone to send position

Hello everyone.
I’m using DeltaChat for a while now and what I’m missing is a comparable feature for position sharing. I know and used the built in function. But the downside is, that the position is only transmitted when I send a message. Its clear that the app can’t send emails at a high frequency to send a live position. So my attempt would be to have a bot which reacts on a keyword, say #where_are_you or something. Then the bot needs to get the position and reply with the already position sharing enabled and the GPS-coordinates as message text.
This means the bot has to act a bit different from examples I found so far. It has to run on the phone (Android for me) and don’t be hit by any energy optimization. Also it has to use my Account and no own. Because the Contact who is asking me will send the message to me.
Can you give me the direction to start this project? Is it the right way to do or would it be an option to do this as a addon for the messenger app? If so, how could I do this?

I’ve used python for some things. So this would be the tool of my choice but I don’t fear other languages. A big obstacle is that I’ve no experiences how to bring python on my phone. I’ve found a few Interpreters in the Appstore but don’t know which one to choose.

Because this phone is my only one I don’t want to experiment too extensively. First I would like to know if this is the right attempt to get the feature.

Thanks for replying.

There is an experimental feature for location sharing over a bigger amount of time.

But the downside is, that the position is only transmitted when I send a message.

it’s also transmitted in a time interval if it changed.

Thanks for the information that my requested feature already is built in. I habe 2 more questions about this feature:
Is it possible to change the Intervall and can somebody with normal mail client make any use oft the shared Position? At least it would be good if he would geht some coordinates which he could copy to his navigation.


I’ve testet the feature and want to share what made the biggest issues: My phone turns off the GPS for delta when the screen is off. Other apps can use it (OSMand can track without issues). I installed a GPS-Locker app to get permanent position sharing and it works. Nethertheless it would be good to have an option for contacts don’t using delta. This could also be helpful to copy the coordinates in a offline map like OSMand to be not depandant of the online map and to have the possibility to navigate.
Maybe it would be possible to integrate it in OSMand like they did with telegram-position-sharing.