Bot with hcaptcha

Hi all.

By link2xt:

“This makes sense for a bot to ask the user that they pass a CAPTCHA test before using the bot, but you can already do it if you build a Delta Chat bot .
But I don’t imagine integrating it into Delta Chat client itself, users themselves are still better than computers at distinguishing whether they chat with a human or not”

I would like to create a bot that checks whether the user is a human or a robot, a bot with hcaptcha, mCaptcha, Captcha etc.

So… Is possible?

For standard image recognition CAPTCHAs you can send the image to the user and ask for a text answer.

With mCaptcha and other proof-of-work captchas it’s more difficult, but you can send a webxdc to the user that computes a proof-of-work (very cursed idea, please don’t, there are many better things to do with .xdc) This can indeed be integrated into DeltaChat in the form of Hashcash, but I am not sure it deters the bots, it’s mostly a tool against spam, unless you want to force computing it for every message and drain the user phone battery.

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