Bug report : data not deleted


I found a bug in Delta chat 1.28.3 on Android

in the directory /data/data/chat.delta/cache/image_manager_disk_cache
there is a lot of files with a random name .0
these are PNG pictures for a letter of the contact.

thousands of files are here from older messages and are never deleted.
Could you deleted them ?

in the same directory there is a file named “journal” with numbers of olders messages and this JOURNAL is never purge from old data.
Could you delete the old data like ?

DIRTY ad9d48b3b6842e5dc628e[…]2224310375f6eda541b498c80
CLEAN ad9d48b3b6842e5dc628e[…]24310375f6eda541b498c80 8697
READ ad9d48b3b6842e5dc628e[…]23375f6eda541b498c80

in the directory

there is a table named “msgs_mdns” with old msg_id, contact_id and timestamp_sent
about old deleted messages.
this table is never purged.

could you purge the old data ?

Made a fix for msgs_mdns table: