Built-in Tor Bridge Pluggable Transports, Snowflake WebTunnel | i2pd

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Built-in tor bridge and i2pd, users from blocked countries such as Iran china etc. can chat anonymously by installing Delta chat user, No need to download additional apps insecure VPN proxy.

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Tor Bridge Pluggable Transports, Snowflake WebTunnel and i2pd

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Tor has " Tor Expert Bundle" for the purpose of bundling together inside other apps.

And for the record it’s already possible to use Delta Chat through Tor, using SOCKS proxy settings, e.g. see Auto detect tor and offer to prefill SOCKS5 settings with address to tor

Most people wouldn’t install Orbot just to use delta.chat, in China! Orbot is very strange, it doesn’t link to tor even with a bridge, but on pc I can link to tor with the tor browser and Brave.
On pc I use bridges in Tor Browser and Brave to link to tor.

Built-in tor people just need to install delta.chat and they can communicate properly!

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