But I already gave two passwords

On a fresh Android install, we hit the Advanced button and enter all our IMAP, and SMTP details including passwords.

But we cannot proceed, without first also entering a password above that Advanced button.

I am guessing, that the app is not engineered fully enough to realize that somebody’s already given enough passwords below and there would be no use for a third password. Am I making sense? Thank you.

Hi jidanni,

the password above the Advanced button is your IMAP password. The IMAP section does not have a password field, so I’m not sure where you see a third one in addition to the SMTP password and the one above Advanced?

Just to make sure: Is your provider in this list?

I see. So the top password is also used for IMAP. Wish these all had info buttons.

Actually my mail provider is dreamhost.com.

But I have my own domain. So I don’t use a @ dreamhost.com address.

But it was simple to get it working anyway by just filling in the fields so I don’t need any help with that. Thanks anyway though.

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I’m not sure whether there’s a misunderstanding regarding the way how Delta Chat works. You probably knew this, but just to be on the safe side: In contrast to other messengers where you create an account on their servers, Delta Chat does not have servers of their own.

Basically, Delta Chat is just an email client with some special functions that aid its use as a messenger. For example, if you use Thunderbird to access your emails, you have to enter your email address and password, but these are not sent to the Thunderbird team itself. Same for Delta Chat, the app does not send your data to the Delta Chat team. All messages that you exchange with your chat partners is sent and received via your email provider, not some Delta Chat server.

Okay now we’ve chosen the first choice. At the top it’s asking us for an existing password. An info button would say if this password is an account password for a Delta chat account. For instance if we were supposed to sign up or something. Or if it’s for our email account.

The button for the first choice says “log into your e-mail account”. This is also stated in the header of the page that will open when clicking this button. Between the two fields and the advanced button, a text says “There are no Delta Chat servers, your data stays on your device”.

All of this is to make clear that you are actually logging into your own email account, and that your email address and password will not be sent to Delta Chat in any way. Do you think that it is not clear enough?

Okay at the top you collect our email address and our password. But I don’t see how you’re going to log into something to use it. So the user assumes it’s sort of a club membership to the Delta chat club.

As said above, just like any other email client, address and password are not sent to the team behind the app.

That should be all you need to know to get and send emails. So I don’t see why we cannot proceed without going back to the top and filling in our email address and password.

Email address and password are needed for any email client, and there are no duplicate fields for them under Advanced.

Generally, the idea is that many users do not have to go into the Advanced settings at all. Just entering their address and password is enough if the server details are known for their provider.

But if you have to enter Advanced settings, it’s to be seen as additional information to the email address and the password. The IMAP section in Advanced does not contain a password field. The field “IMAP Login Name” is needed in case the username is different from the email address.

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