Call and video calls

How do I use Delta Chat to make calls and video calls?

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Just to give inspirations not binding to additional things… it works fine to use the sending of voice records and it’s not much a problem to attach videos. Else would depend much on additional debts and others would need to go into them as well for hosting ones transfers. Some of such things are often problematic in regard of even telecommunication laws. Even one might be able to bear additional debts, others may not and get hopeless caught.

You can send invitation links to rooms, for example by setting webrtc URL in the settings to

As for more integrated calls, see discussion at

Also see here:

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May I ask why$ROOM is not set as default with a fresh installation (of the Android app)?

Because it’s the obvious choice (if not having an alternative), but as I have just seen, on v1.14.5 the option Video chat instance is not configured by default.

Delta Chat does not to rely on any servers out of the box. The only exception is the Thunderbird autoconfig database which is only used during autoconfiguration as a fallback if provider is not found in the built-in database and does not provide its own autoconfig XML. It should be imported into built-in provider database at some point too.

Another exception is Mapbox tile servers, but this feature is still considered experimental and disabled by default. Delta Chat also opts out of data collection by Mapbox, but technically Mapbox may still obtain some data, so switching to offline OpenStreetMap maps using some OSM library or Peermaps renderer is likely needed before it can enabled by default.

Official Jitsi Meet instance has its own terms and conditions, privacy policy, and runs behind Cloudflare, which may be not what users want.

I understand, but it would have been nice if$ROOM were set by default nonetheless, so that there is something present to start with, because with the present state one has no other choice than to explain to the other party what to configure to make it work. So it’s actually no out-of-the-box experience right now.

BTW Is there a reason for the Video chat instance example showing$ROOM when just also works?

First I though the $ROOM addition is necessary for getting a random room name assigned each time a Video chat is initated, but it does the same with as well.

For getting a random room name assigned each time a Video chat is initated you need to add $NOROOM

Actually I have first tried$ROOM and then just and both result in getting a random room name assigned each time a Video chat is initiated.

As said, the text above the entry field for the URL shows$ROOM as example, and I wondering what possible ways there are to add a Jitsi Meet URL.

Are possible Jitsi Meet URL parameters documented somewhere? is the same as$ROOM.

$NOROOM was added in this thread to support Webex:

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Ahem, why would anyone want to use Cisco Webex? :thinking:

I guess there is no such easy way to just use a self-hosted Nextcloud instance with the Nextcloud Talk app for that?

Because there are so many instances to choose from here.
This is a list of some instances:

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Your answer relates to “many instances” of Jitsi servers, but that wasn’t the question.

Of course there are a lot of option when going for Jitsi, and you can choose whichever server you want, but it would have been nice if one (or with a drop-down list + optional entry field) would have been set as the default for a new app installation simply because right now that option is not configured at all, which means Video calls are not working out-of-the-box and I first have to explain to the other party (who may not be that technically gifted) what to do in the advanced options to make it work. That’s just not a good 1st user experience.

Even better, why not use something like which redirects to a random server as the default setting?

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