Can encryption be forced or unencrypted messages disabled?

Is there a way to set a chat to only send encrypted messages? Like a kill switch that will prevent you from sending unencrypted messages?

hello @klundry what you are looking for is Verified Groups, they are forced to be encrypted.

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OK. So you can only do groups? Not one to one chats?

well, you can create a verified group of two members, so in practice is like creating a secure 1 to 1 chat :wink:


Is this valid nowadays (regarding autocrypt, pgg and such)?

What do you mean by that? can elaborate on your question?

I am referring to the original question if an “encryption can be forced…:”
But the mails/chat are encrypted already, aren’t they?

Autocrypt is oportunistic - that means it is only encrypted when autocrypt has the key of the recipient of the message.

So normally you send the first message a generic unencrypted message that contains your key like “Hey”, “hi” or “hello”.
Then from the answer on the messages are encrypted.

Priority of autocrypt is (by default) that the message is delivered.

Thats why there are discussions and feature requests about indicators to see if you’re message gets sent encrypted before sending it and groups/chats that force encryption to be always on.

Thanks for the clarification.
Yes after the first Tofu (trust of fist use) should be encrypted always. Any fallback (because the app cannot find the key and so on) should give at least a heavy warning or not deliver the mail at all…
Anyway great work!