Can realtime chat be disabled?

The appeal of webxdc apps is that they are guaranteed not to leak data. Now P2P realtime chat has been introduced, and this is a convenient and desirable feature for many people who want certain types of realtime apps, however it can also leak IP address, assuming it behaves the same as other common P2P realtime chat implementations. This can pose a risk for vulnerable people who require high standards of anonymity. Therefore I ask is there any way for a user to disable the ability for webxdc apps to use realtime chat in the settings, or is there any way for a user to check if an app uses the realtime chat feature before they launch it?


Currently it’s off by default, as an “experimental” setting.
I agree that it should be taken seriously.


We want at least some kind of “permission” UI similar to the request to be able to access location, microphone and camera in browsers before this feature is enabled by default. This is currently experimental and disabled by default because we want developers to be able to play with the new API, but as a user who does not want any IP leaks you can just keep it disabled.


Thanks for your answers @WofWca and @link2xt. Good to know its currently off by default and the permisions UI sounds like a good approach. Keep up the great work!

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