Can reference bluechat push mode?

blix bluechat app, use the push mode, the messages delivered immediately based on outlook email server,
but delta chat has a long time delay to deliver the messages.

So, my suggestion is to reference the push mode of bluechat.

Thanks very much.

Hello :wave:,
Blix operates its own proxy server for this purpose, which accesses the account with the user’s access data and informs the corresponding Push service about new mails.
This is at least a potential security issue and therefore requires a lot of trust in Blix.
DC uses a so-called “heartbeat” server that wakes up DC-iOS every 20 minutes so that the app can check for new mail itself. This alleviates the problem with the Push messages.
Maybe the interval could be reduced to 10 minutes.
I don’t know if that would cause any problems.
In many Android versions it is possible to allow persistent background processes.
With this setting, no push service is necessary.
I don’t use Android, so unfortunately I can’t say exactly how to set it up.

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