Can webxdc be used with go?

I’m new to web apps and I was amazed by Delta chat’s and webxdc performance.
I want to build three-in-a-row for two people wher others can join and watch with xdc extension.
But is it possible to use GO instead of TS/JS?
Ty for your answers in advance <3

webxdc apps are executed by the browser engine, so you will need to compile Go to JavaScript or WebAssembly.

There are several attempts to make a JavaScript compiler for Go like GitHub - gopherjs/gopherjs: A compiler from Go to JavaScript for running Go code in a browser and GitHub - matthewmueller/joy: A delightful Go to Javascript compiler (ON HOLD).

GopherJS wiki seems to be a good starting point: Community Tutorials and Blogs · gopherjs/gopherjs Wiki · GitHub

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