Cannot establish guaranteed end-to-end encryption

For some reason I cannot establish an e2e connection between a hosted email account (on – autocrypt is set to preferred – and nine.testrun

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior


Actual behavior

Getting: cannot establish guaranteed end-to-end encryption

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. scanned QR code of account 1 (hosted mail server on w/ a testrun account
  2. send message

Looks like mails from email account are not DKIM-signed correctly. drops all mails not authenticated with DKIM.
You can test with by sending a mail to the address they give you if DKIM checks pass. If not, it should be fixed on the side.

alright, checking w/ them maybe a setup issue on my end. Tried it with another host and it worked. Thanx.

They won’t provide a decent DKIM record. I quote from their support message

du meinst für die Domain? Dafür ist tatsächlich kein DKIM record gesetzt derzeit, auch für die haben wir das derzeit noch nicht implementiert. Wenn du DKIM richtig nutzen willst, solltest du eine eigene Domain benutzen.