Cannot sync Delta Chat Desktop and Delta Chat mobile (Android)

Delta Chat version

Desktop : 1.44.1 (git: v1.33.0-669-gc878fc787)
Mobile : 1.44.0

Expected behavior

Saved Messages conversation is automatically synced between devices.

Actual behavior

“Saved Messages” conversation is not synced between devices,
without moving manually incoming messages from Inbox to DeltaChat folder.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Send message from desktop app
  2. Check Saved Message conversation from mobile app


  1. Send message from mobile app
  2. Check Saved Message conversation from desktop app

Screen snapshots


Debug logs

2024-03-13T09:31:43.030Z core/event WARNING "" 3 "src/ Failed fetch_idle: store_seen_flags_on_imap: failed to select folder: Got a NO response when trying to select ****, usually this means that it doesn't exist: code: None, info: Some(\"Mailbox doesn't exist: **** (0.002 + 0.000 + 0.002 secs).\")"

2024-03-13T09:31:43.031Z core/event WARNING “” 3 “src/ IMAP got rate limited, waiting for 0h 0m 59s until can connect”

Logs : Apparently, the app is rate limited for some reason event though i can access the DeltaChat folder from two distinct native mail clients

See also Cannot sync Delta Chat Desktop and Delta Chat mobile (Android) - link to matching github issue

What “fixed” it:

  • re-creating folders logged as missing by Delta Desktop instance
  • deleting them (since they were empty as newly created again)
    while having Delta Desktop instance focused
  • enjoying logs not getting stuck as previously seen

Logs have been added to the description.
Steps to reproduce the issue have been added to
Cannot sync Delta Chat Desktop and Delta Chat mobile (Android) #5342 (link to deltachat-core-rust issues).

Perhaps it depends on my current mail provider
or the directories tree fetched over IMAP.
I don’t understand why it would start failing now
(and not from the other native mail clients :thinking:)

Last famous words from DeltaChat Desktop comes from

BTW, kuddos to the core team for making the logs so easy to read!
It’s a delight!

Would it perhaps be relevant to users
to be warned of being indeed rated limited by their mailing service provider?

The desktop application has been reinstalled, backup restored
and the syncing issue appear
to affect both native app and desktop app.

In spite of the IMAP got rate limited message,
i can access messages with other MTAs
without any apparent limitation from the mail service provider.

P.S. On some most likely unrelated note,
I saw the following stack trace this morning
(i might have closed Delta Chat Desktop abruptly
while it was doing something):


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that stack trace is harmless. seems like there is still some potential for improvement in the shutdown process.

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