Can't abort "change email account" on desktop client

When - in the desktop client - I go to settings => change email account, I reach a settings window that allows me to add a new email account or to delete the current account. When I start to delete the current account, I am warne4d that this will delete everything related to this account, so I abort this operation. However, aborting will only bring me back to the choice of adding a new account or deleting the current account. So far zhis seenms to be a joop I can’t get out of. I don’t want to

  • add an account
  • delete my main account
  • scan a qr code
  • import a backuo

I just want to abort a senseless operation where I don’t like any of the options.

I just tested it. When clicking “change email account”, I am presented with a list of email accounts. I can click on my account name (not the “×” which deletes it) and my account opens.

This solves the actual problem (which would have been pretty serious, I’d think).
But I’d also say thgis is really unintuitive. Maybe it looks clearer if you have more than one “known account”.

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Android has a “Cancel” option, probably adding such button which brings you back to your account could help.