Can't get new testrun chatmail address

When I go to in my browser and tap the QR code as instructed, literally nothing happens. I tried both on desktop and mobile browser with no result. Does this happen to anyone else?

Which operating system and browser do you use? How did you install Delta Chat and which version of Delta Chat do you use?

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I have tried with Tor browser on android and desktop. I’m using the latest version of Delta Chat from F-Droid but not sure how that makes a difference? What exactly is supposed to happen when I tap the QR code? Is it supposed to just show me an email address and password to use?

It is supposed to switch to Delta Chat, the link is a dcaccount: link that Delta Chat registers for. Probably Tor Browser does not support custom URL schemes on purpose?

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A quick search shows that Tor Browser patched against a “scheme flooding” fingerprinting vector a few years ago which probably means it’s not supported on purpose but I don’t know for sure.

I’m not really a fan of having my browser launch apps for me anyway, maybe that’s just personal bias. Call me old fashioned but I would love to have an option to just generate an address I can see on the screen. I read somewhere else on the forum that you can just type a new address directly into Delta Chat, so maybe I’ll try that as a workaround, but it’s not exactly intuitive.

You can right-click on the QR code on, click “Copy Link” and then on Desktop in the “Scan code” window click “More options” and "Paste from clipboard.

You can also run curl -X POST directly to get a response with login and password.


Thanks for your answer link2xt. I will keep in mind the methods you described but for now I discovered as a workaround it is easier to just invent an address (a feature which is not immediately obvious).

As Delta Chat is a privacy oriented app, I suspect many users also use the Tor browser.

To reduce confusion and make the process smoother for Tor users (including those who only use Delta Chat on mobile as well as less technical users who avoid the command line) my suggestions/feedback would be:

  • In addition to “Log into your e-mail account” option in the UI also have a “generate new chatmail address” option
  • On the page explain that the link won’t work if URL schemes are disabled by your browser, and what other options exist to get a chatmail address, and
  • Continue to test websites like Delta Chat and in the Tor Browser as well as “mainstream” browsers (I know Delta Chat doesn’t own the testrun site but I suppose they collaborate)
  • Give the mobile app “more options” in scan mode just like the desktop version