Can't log in with Google Workspace email

I think the issue is that Delta Chat doesn’t know that it’s a Google Workspace email account. Would it be possible to query the MX records? The MX records for a Google Workspace account are a dead giveaway:

$ dig mx           300     IN      MX      5           300     IN      MX      5           300     IN      MX      10           300     IN      MX      10           300     IN      MX      1

Delta Chat version

Delta Chat iOS 1.24.5 (67)

Expected behavior

Use email and password to log in to Delta Chat.

Actual behavior

“Log In to Your Server” popup appears, but stops at 60%.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Assuming that this is an issue with any Google Workspace email with a custom domain:

  1. Enter email address (
  2. Enter password
  3. Press “Log In” button

I don’ have Google Workspace but does creating an app-specific password work? As per Gmail - Provider Info

Actually Oauth2 is supported by the core and MX record is queried, but as far as I know the corresponding UI flow for initial setup exists only on Android. You can even create an account using Oauth2, export a backup and import it on iOS or desktop, and it will work.

Using app passwords is actually a good alternative and it is not less secure: OAuth2 token is just an app password obtained in a more automated way.

Using an app specific password doesn’t seem to work, I get the same error. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Would it be appropriate for me to file an issue on the deltachat-ios repo?

You need to configure IMAP and SMTP settings (host, port) manually in this case as described in: Set up Gmail with a third-party email client - Google Workspace Admin Help

Looks like there is an issue already: add oauth2 support · Issue #92 · deltachat/deltachat-ios · GitHub
The issue was created when core did not support OAuth2 at all, then even Google Workspace (GSuite) support was added but the related code in iOS is still disabled.

Nice, thank you for pinging the issue.

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