Can't read Autocrypt Setup Message by Enigmail


I just tried out the Desktop Client and initiated an Autocrypt Key transfer from Enigmail.

It failed with: “File does not contain a valid private key. (code = 0)”

I double checked the digits, and don’t think I made a mistake. Does someone else have the same problem?

Wasn’t there the problem that Enigmail doesn’t create correct setup messages right now? I’m using Enigmail 2.0.8 and Delta Desktop 1.2.3.

Does your key have a passphrase that you need to type in enigmail?

related thread in the enigmail bug tracker: [via ]

the problem seems to be that (a) Delta Chat does not support password encrypted keys and (b) it is hard for enigmail to generate such keys with gpg

but iirc, if your key does not have a password, it works if you answer gpg’s question " Passphrase: This key (or subkey) is not protected with a passphrase. Please enter a new passphrase to export it." with “OK”. Otherwise garbage is exported …

this is the state from about half a year ago, written down from my memory, so things may be quite different today.

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Thanks - it works with a key without passphrase! Haven’t thought of that of course.

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So does it work without problem in Enigmail junior modus?