Catchy signature for convincing people to have a look at Delta Chat?

Did you stick with the default signature

Sent with my Delta Chat Messenger:

or did you choose to use a catchier one?

Next version of Delta Chat will display last received signature in the contact profile, so “Sent with my Delta Chat Messenger” does not fit there well:

The idea is to let users put their contact information, homepage and so on in the profile.

I would actually like the default signature to be empty. Current signature reminds me of the “Sent from my iPhone” dark pattern.

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Indeed, that has always been quite annoying, but in that case it actually makes sense to point out that it’s not a regular email, but in fact a message sent from a messenger app, with the idea to get people to have a look at it and join the IM revolution (considering that the other party may receive the message in a regular email client). :wink:

The catch with this is that the use of an email signature has to be seen from two different points of view, one for use by the Delta Chat app (in which case it makes sense to re-purpose it for profile info), the other for additional info for the receiver who doesn’t use Delta Chat (yet).

After some consideration, I have currently set the signature as follows:

This is NOT an email but an Instant Chat Message.
You can just reply or, better yet,

That’s short enough and provides all the desired info. Not sure how much sense this will make with the upcoming “Status” feature.

So that “Status” feature is already a done deal and already available in the current nightly, which means it will be available in the next stable release?

You can still use the signature like this, on Android it clearly says that it is the “signature” in the profile. It is not called “status” anywhere in the app except the database column name and in fact resembles “bio” feature of Telegram more than WhatsApp status.

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