Change '' name

Hi here!

I know this is going to be a controversial (& technically challenging) topic, but I thought it was worth raising the point nevertheless. is a brilliant piece of software. Thanks to the full integration with the traditional email infrastructure (which enable a nearly seamless transition for new users), I foresee to be actually successful as a viable FOSS alternative to WhatsApp and the like. This is great!!

However, I would argue that the name of the software (+ the current icon) are currently amongst the largest obstacles to a wider adoption.

To be direct: to a new user, ‘’ sounds like either a scientific/highly technical tool or as an esoteric/religious/sectarian chat app, meant for a very specific audience. It does not appeal to the majority; it does not sound like a generic (and attractive) messaging app.

For a good introduction to the challenge & approach to app naming, I recommend the recent blog post by Gnome developer Tobias Bernard:

Of course, changing the app name is hard. And the more we wait, the harder…

What are the community’s thoughts about it?




One can simply create a fork with a different more approachable to the masses name. As long as they keep the credits and refer to DeltaChat I don’t see any problem.

Like one could fork it and make all buttons bigger + a high contrast theme to make an App that is easier for Old People that can’t see that well anymore.
Another option would be a fork that has only easy language on the ui elements so for example refugees can use it to get familiar with their new home’s language without being too overwhelmed.
Or a fork with only emojis / symbols to be understood in different languages.
There is no limit in imagination for such purposeful forks.


Thanks for the praise and welcome :slight_smile: Not sure if the name is the largest obstacle to adoption – it never came up as an issue in interviews or UX test sessions so far. People were more concerned about understanding what precisely makes delta different – so that notion of “delta” seems to be fitting :slight_smile:


depending on the language saying something like “delta-chat” can be difficult to pronounce, speak, say.

So, my suggestion would be things that are easy to say:

  • “messager”
  • “msg”
  • “push-it”
  • “push”
  • “refer”
  • “mail”
  • “deliver”
  • “speak”
  • “forward”
  • “post”
  • “seed”
  • “grain”
  • “berry”
  • “harvest”
  • “mow”
  • “ofc” (short pun on office)
  • “mess” (short pun on messager)
  • “ms” (short pun on messager and mess)
  • “send”
  • “reap”

these are just initial ideas