Change of email service can I keep messages

I‘m about to switch my email provider. Is it possible to keep the chat history and use the chats given that the counterparty stays identical?

Not perfect yet*, but I did this once with the steps outlined here: Introducing Automatic E-mail Address Porting (AEAP) - Delta Chat

* you need to write to your peers so that they get your new address, also you should tell your old provider to redirect incoming mail to your new provider to don’t miss any messages.


I will need to switch off my old email account, no-forwarding from then on. Are you saying if I write to other DC users they will reply to the new address already?

This will work automatically if group chats have green checkmarks. For chats without green checkmarks this will not work automatically, you need to add new address to these groups before changing your address, then remove old address from groups after changing your email address in Delta Chat.

1:1 chats will look like new chats on the other side.

Make a backup of your current account, import it and then relogin from the imported account with your new address. This way you can see how it works and can experiment with it, worst case you have to switch back to your existing account.