Change Settings: Notifications when app is not running


Delta Chat version: 0.304.0 (Android 9)
Expected behavior: Existing feature in the settings window
Actual behavior: No feature in the settings window?


first: Thank you for this wonderful app - it is really great!

When I remember correctly I had a notification bar inside the Android app after the first start of Delta.Chat. If I would have confirmed this notification bar then I would recieve incoming notifications while the app isn’t running. (There was a warning that this might drain my battery).

I did not confirm this on the day I started with Delta.Chat. Now I have changed my mind and can’t find a way to change this setting.

Is there a way without reinstalling?

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This is a Battery Setting in Android itself.
I’m on Android 8 but should be more or less the same.
Go to: Settings -> Battery -> Optimize battery usage -> Delta Chat


Found your suggested solution in Android 9 in Settings -> Apps -> Delta Chat
Thank you very much!