Changeable Contact Icon Color

Would be nice if I could change the background color of the contact icons.
E.g. I have a lot of contacts which have pretty much the same color.
And in a group chat you easily oversee that someone different has responded.
(Also the contact list itself is harder to disctinct)

The current color is a hash of the email address maybe we could modify that function so it can output more distinctive colors, or we could think about showing an automatically generated avatars like github instead, for contacts that don’t have set an avatar.

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Is there no way (access point) to give “simple” a custom color after the colors are auto-generated?
Maybe/hopefully these auto-generated colors are somewhere stored, or not?
Accees point then: Let one overwrite/set this stored values (in a permanent way)
(Or if not, create a second function that does the job afterwards or in replace from a permanent store holding the color values for each email hash, if one wishes)

letting the user change the color would introduce multi-device-issues, we have already several multi-device-issues, so i am not in favor to add more currently.

also, the user-avatars are typically more “under control” of the sending-user. this is reflected better if the same user appears with the same color on all receiving devices.

adding more colors, however, is a reasonable thing. currently we have only 16: deltachat-core-rust/ at 355e0145c019b2886a340e8840be00178bdf4fa9 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub (would be nice to have an overview of them, an image or so :slight_smile:

if, at one day, we can sync things more easily, of course, we may think this over.



Yet sync would be easily done via Backup manually.
At least for one’s main contacts, which will not change everyday.
(And (for me) its more about differencing colors than have exactly
the same color on each device)

But ok so far then, good to know it
(how it works and intention behind)

My recommendation (for one’s contacts) is then for now:
Each of one’s contacts should set an invidual (distinctable) profile pic.


I have implemented Consistent Color Generation specification to use more colors: