Chat history not visible on 2 devices

Can I write in german?

Hi there, I have installed the Software on my Android Phone and on my Desktop Computer.
Why would I doesn’t see the Chat on both devices?

Kind regards

You need 2 things for multi device setup:

  • sync you keys (+ optionally your existing chats) [import export backup (recommended), auto-crypt setup when only syncing the keys]
  • activate “send copy to self” in your settings

Yes you can write german, but then less people can answer/understand you. That’s why we prefer english. writting any other language with translation beneath is also ok.

Funktioniert gut, ja, ausser bei Windows Desktop Version. Dort gibt es keine Einstellung “send copy to self”. Sehe ich das richtig?

Works well, yes, except for Windows desktop version. There is no “send copy to self” setting. Am I correct?

Hat sich erledigt: Aber den neuen Desktop-Version 0.999 funktioniert es gut. Danke!
Done: But the new desktop version 0.999 works well. Thank you!