Chatmail-addons and Alias-Bot

I must now seriously consider the option to set up email aliases on Chatmail servers:

In the event that we also want to address “normal” users and not just freaks, we must assume that they are not enthusiastic about using multiple accounts from the option. The “normal, lazy” user wants to use a simple tool with a simple start (provided with Delta.Chat 1.46) and this address is encrypted with known ones.

However, he would also like to issue an alias with a serious user-part of Internet services for identification or public services. In Germany, the separation of first and last name by one point is common (first name@chatmail.instanz), the first name can be shortened to one letter.

These aliases are also delivered unencrypted against the usual procedures at chatmail, since they represent a forwarding within the instance. But you cannot be answered. This is usually not necessary, as it is often an e-mail sender, which cannot or should not be answered anyway. Rather, it is a link to confirm an account or payment information, or it is requested to provide feedback about a form on a guide page.

Technically, only postfix has to be able to process virtual correspondence main.cfg -> virtual_maps.

To set up the alias, the file specified there must be filled by means of a bot. This bot should be set up on the command line and display its QR code once, which of course can only be scanned by the operator of the instance. After consultation with the user, it can then set up an alias via `/add a1b2c3d45@chatmail.instanz by continuing the file specified in main.cfg.

This now contradicts the basic rule that chatmail should only be encoded, which also entails a change in the situation in data protection. Until now, we have no personal data to be protected separately. This changes due to the desired use of clear names and requires a special supplement in the privacy policy.

“3.3 An alias can be set up by the operator of the instance to the address it creates. Insofar as clear names are used, these are stored only for this purpose. It is expressly pointed out that these clear names can then be found in the head of the email (metadata).


[…] On request, the user may request the deletion of his alias at any time. A short message is sufficient in any desired form to the operator of this instance. ”

To this end, there must be the command /del in the alias-bot. It may also have to be possible to block this alias, i.e. that it can not only be erased, but also be used by anyone else. To this end, a dead mailbox must be set up that emails with the error message 550 5.2.1 are rejected and reliably destroyed immediately and not recorded otherwise.

Such a bot is expensive. It may not be interesting for any instance. Therefore, I connect with this consideration the suggestion of opening a separate repository for addons for chatmail, on which bots are then released, which may be of interest, for example an alias board or a transmitter board. Thus, the developers of this instance would have a fairly small additional care effort and would merely have to maintain the conditions for the operation of the bots.

Please seriously think about it.