Check marks do not appear in chats with DC contacts

Hello :wave:,
When I message a DC contact, I no longer see check marks in the chat.
First the lock icon is shown and then the time. However, the ticks can be seen in the chat list.
The problem does not occur with non-DC contacts. Oddly enough, I noticed this for the first time today.
I am using DC iOS 1.34.1 and iOS 15.7.1.
Actually, I wanted to report this issue in GitHub, but Iโ€™m not sure if this problem might be related to my iPhone because the problem was not reproducible on another iPhone with iOS 16 and DC iOS 1.34.1.
It also does not occur in DC desktop 1.33.
Does anyone here have the same problem?

do you have a screenshot?

Yes. First only the lock is displayed and then only the time.

Fehlende Haken

Yes filing an issue in these cases it the right choice.