Checkbox to reuse usernames and passwords

You know the page where we enter our passwords for SMTP etc?

Well it’s quite possible that the same email address would need to be entered up to three times, and the same password two times.

Therefore there could be checkboxes “same as above”, so the user needn’t type the same password, or same username, in again.

So therefore each text entry field would have a check mark.

In fact that’s what’s going on with the IMAP password. There isn’t even an entry field for it because it’s the same as the field above it.

isn’t it taken automatically from the main/normal password field if you leave the advanced fields empty?

also you can put an autoconfig/discover file on your mailserver or use default ports/settings in your mailserver to remove the need to set any advanced settings manually: Thunderbird:Autoconfiguration:ConfigFileFormat - MozillaWiki

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