Clipboard on iOS

Delta Chat often tries to read the clipboard which is annoying. Please only do so when I actually paste something in.

can you give some more details? did you enable/disable some system settings? i cannot confirm that on my everyday usage of delta chat ios, using standard settings, however.

It’s especially noticable when I go to Safari, open an image, copy the image, and then be in Delta Chat.

thanks for coming back!

however, i still cannot reproduce that. @all anyone else maybe?

@Sandra it may help if you can add more detailed instructions about every step, used systems, versions etc… maybe even with some screenshots or recordings.

the only thing i noticed is:

  • copy an image to the clipboard in safari/gallery
  • in Delta Chat, open a chat, double tap the input field
  • the menu offers “Paste” then - probably to check if the option is available, we have to access the clipboard, iOS shows with the message “Delta Chat pasted from Safari” then.

might be better if the message would not appear when just offering the option, however, not sure if that is possible as it requires already “accessing”.

is that what we are speaking about? or do the “Delta Chat pasted from Safari” appears more often, even unconditionally when doing completely different things? (this is what a thought first :slight_smile:

It shows up even when single-tapping, i.e. just focusing the text field and bringing up the OSK.

but only in that context, so if you are working with the text input field, right?

That’s correct, as far as I can tell.

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