Compact media view

Dear developers
Could you implement an alternative, i.e. more compact, media view like Telegram s?
The fact is that, for example, the appearance of the voice message interface that we have in Delta Chat is not very convenient for blind users.
Below is a small comparison:

  1. Telegram. A voice message only has one line on the screen (of course, this is from the point of view of TalkBack and Jieshuo screen readers). When I focus on a voice message, the screen reader tells me it s a voice message. Also announces its duration, tells when it was sent or received, and says the word Slider.
    If I double tap on a voice message it starts playing. I can also control the playback time slider using the appropriate screen reader gestures (just like in the Delta Chat interface).
  2. Delta Chat, Signal, and if I m not mistaken, Element.
    Each voice message takes up a lot of screen space. Separately - playback button, separately - playback time slider, separately - message information.
    I understand that my comparison can be confusing, but if you try to interact with Telegram and with Delta Chat using the screen reader TalkBack or Jiesuo, you will understand everything.
    I will be very grateful for your attention to my request. Let me know if testing is needed.

hi @bmivzkrp, thanks for your feedback, I opened an issue to better track this:


@ adbenitez
Thank you very much. I subscribed (I m also bmivzkrp on Github).

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