Configuration recommendation for using Delta.Chat as an email client

Hi all,

Here is a reasonable working configuration for using Delta.Chat as an email client.

  • Screen “Chats and media”, set “Show classic emails” to “all”
  • Screen “Advanced/”, set “automatically moves to DeltaChat folder” to disabled
  • Screen “Privacy”, set “Read receipts” to disabled

Hope this helps!

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for the record, the discussion started at and was moved here to be more visible and also to become cross-platfom.

Thanks for bringing this up. In general, i am in favor of trying to make advanced (and other) settings available from some high level point of view. From your three points i think “disabling Read Receipts” is not neccessary, however. Read Receipts are only sent in reply to Chat messages, not normal e-mails. Therefore i think it’s fine to keep the default of sending read receipts as this is what other messengers also do.

It seems like this use case would be better suited to the fork of K-9 with autocrypt.