Control behavior for checking multiple accounts

It seems to me that Delta Chat has now implemented multi-account functionality and checks all accounts simultaneously by default. In most cases, this is desirable.

But is there any way to prevent multiple accounts from being checked simultaneously (e.g. only checking the selected account, like Delta Chat did in the past). I ask this question because in some cases users might not want their email provider to correlate access time of different accounts.

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Hello :wave:,
in DC-Desktop it is possible to switch off synchronization for all accounts.
However, this is an experimental feature.

SettingsAdvancedExperimental FeaturesDisable Background Sync For All Accounts

After deactivation, only the selected account will be synchronized.

Thanks for your answer. Hopefully with time this will become a stable feature available across all platforms.

I made a pr for core to support per account disabling instead of have only the selected account active.
feat: disable background io per account, available apis in rust and jsonrpc by Simon-Laux · Pull Request #5314 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

But there seems to not be enough interest yet in the feature to make is a priority.

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In DeltaLab you can enable/disable accounts depending on your needs, this gives you even more control than the “enable selected account only” approach since you could enable two or three important accounts while disabling the rest of rarely used accounts


That’s awesome!

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