Cool "hidden" feature in Delta Chat

I just noticed that DC supports animated backgrounds.
All you have to do is select a GIF as wallpaper.
Unfortunately, it only works in the desktop version.
Is this function actually intended?
Anyway, I like it and my chats now appear against the backdrop of a beautiful soothing waterfall.
I think it would make sense to enable this function on smartphones as well.
As far as I know, no other messenger has anything like this.
It would be even better if you could set a separate GIF for each contact or group and one for the light mode and one for the dark mode.
In the evening, for example, you could use a fireplace as a background.


Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know!
I think this information should be collected in a document.
I had discovered the possibility of viewing video picture in picture.


I didn’t know about this feature until now. Thanks.
Unfortunately, the position and size of the window cannot be set freely.

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It comes for free because desktop version is a webbrowser. xD

I think would be nice if mobile added it as well.
Contact / Chat specific backgrounds are also possible to be implemented, though there are ui questions on where and how to present such an option.

At the moment the background is not even per account in desktop, so maybe that would be good a place to start.

Also desktop has a theming system where dark and light theme are 2 seperate themes, the automatic option does actually only switch between light and dark theme. Also there are more themes than just light and dark and users can also have custom themes (themes are basically css files): deltachat-desktop/ at master · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Maybe then automatic theme switching could also have options for 2 backgrounds and selecting the two themes you want to switch between (dark and light theme). But if we do that we need to make sure the settings stay easy to understand and not too numerous.

I had discovered the possibility of viewing video picture in picture.

the video player needs improvement, especially on portait videos its hard to use.