Copy a link from a message on long press in iOS

user request:

This is missing and I need it in day to day usage. telegram, WhatsApp, iMessage, … have that option and signal does something very weird (long press starts drag and drop for the link :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).

mantainer reply:

yip, that’s be a useful enhancement.

as an alternative approach, one could allow somehow text selection and copy any arbitrary text to the clipboard - and maybe also allow translate etc. see the mastodon app to get the idea.
challenge for that would be to not mess up with the normal long-tap, that should stay as is. telegram eg. allows text selection only in the preview after a long press.

just thinking, not suggesting :slight_smile:

the intially suggested long-tap-link-feature seems to be simpler and even telegram has that (and the text selection on top).