Could Delta/Desktop run as a VM on windows?


Delta/Desktop still does not have a download for Windows, though some progress for building deltachat-core has been made.

Does anyone know if there could be a VM image that one could download for use with VirtualBox or so for Windows? It could just contain a standard mini linux install and the delta chat app, probably installed from the flatpak or so.

It’s otherwise a bid sad that windows users cannot make use of the already quite nice delta/desktop.


I didn’t tried myself, but I can’t see some reason why it should fail:


I was more thinking about the Delta Chat Desktop app, not the android one :wink:


this is possible, at least for some people to play a bit with Delta Chat, but with people already complaining about Electron is slow, Electron + in a VM + in Windows isn’t something a lot of people will be eager to use for a long time, I guess…