Create a public group for δChat users

δChat as a tool for communication is great
but when a new user installs δChat they may want to have some sort of community, because they see it as a social media and we need “nonstop flow of information” to keep a social media alive.

we can create two public groups for δChat users and announce it on the website… one for general discussions and one for δChat help. if many people join these groups it will be a live community and it will act as a magnet for new users.

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We already have a mailing list where you can send with Delta Chat (which is like a big group) and we could promote it more in the way you described (or we make a new one).

We would have to configure the mailing list so that the sender’s email address is not sent to everyone, because otherwise that would enable spammers to collect lots of email addresses.

The main problem is probably that spammers can just send messages to the mega group.


you’re right that’s a big problem