Create same app for Facebook messenger

Sir, Hope you make same app for Instagram and Facebook messenger.

Hi @Safilove007 may you please detail what you mean by “make same app for Instagram and Facebook messenger” ?

Please use low-context culture language (High-context and low-context cultures - Wikipedia), given we are interacting in written form.

Why should one give up good and proper manners, good householder? because using written form?

(People outside a small number of those used to email might not have much ideas about the app. hear, yet didn’t learn how to write a letter either. Yet great that not failing in regard of proper approach. Why pulling them toward low? Better to re-learn the parts which are actually of benefit.)

The topic, how ever, touches the old issue that your world is total ignorant toward the old, and the old is total caught within fb, google and co. A small “cry”: build us a bridge out of low-context, communication, which we are able to enter with not much understanding. Yet focus is just on serving geaks and hopeless turning around ‘freedom-fighter’.

not sure how @SamanaJohann’s post is related to this, In my view @diogo just asked @Safilove007 to elaborate on on their post.

“Create same app for Facebook messenger” is not enough information to know what the proposal or idea is here, maybe start by answering these questions:

  • Why should we do that? why not use facebook’s/meta’s apps?
  • who would use it and what for?
  • how would it pay off, who would pay the developers? / what are the benefit for the team?
  • what would make dc better than the first party apps?

As far as I speculate about these questions the result would be not a good idea, but I’m open to be convinced of the contrary with good arguments.

It’s total not be be expect-able that there was, or will be much consideration in regard of the OP, good master Simon, but maybe considering in frames of higher context make to topic worth to develop. Maybe such as going for “easy bridging” for possible “escapes” (from larger organized concentration camps) later, might be an inspiration. Simple unbuilt possibility of cross-share (even QR-invitation, app-generated) would be already a large mile stone, and if thinking on low context benefit, a way to open traffic toward DC (-use).