Cropped images sent with wrong filetype on Android

Using the Google Fotos app to share a photo that has been cropped over DeltaChat the file is sent as .bin instead of .jpg.

Delta Chat version


Android version

11 on a Nokia 4.2
12 on a Nokia G50

Expected behavior

A cropped photo is sent as a normal picture, i.e. can directly be seen in DC.

Actual behavior

A document named e.g. 2022-07-10-00-20.bin is sent/shown in the DC thread, i.e. not displayed as picture.
(It is still a .jpg, i.e. to view the image the file can simply be renamed to having a .jpg ending. On the phone the modified photo has a .jpg ending.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Take a picture with the phone.
Select the picture in the Google Fotos app, modify it (cropping, rotating, colour correction, …) and save it as a copy.
Share this modified picture from to Fotos app to DC.

The problem does not occur if the modified photo is attached using the paperclip.

Can anyone else reproduce this behaviour?