DC (0.930.2) doesn't "wakeup" after flightmode

After 8hours of flightmode the internet connection is reestablished but the chat message is not received by DC due to inactivity. Instead the message is received by the normal mail app (K-9-Mail).

Restarting DC solves this is issue temporary.

Is this issue known?


might be, there is a pending pr that goes in this direction: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/pull/746

I currently work on a place with bad internet connection.

And sometimes I get messages hours later if I reach my home WiFi.

So probably it’s the same issue.
Hopefully it will be fixed with the mentioned PR.
Will this PR merged before the next release?

Hello again :slight_smile:
I just had the same problem again and can describe it more precisely:

  1. Flightmode active
  2. Message appears in mail-app (and not in DC)
  3. DC is opened manually by me, but no new message appears
  4. after killing the app and restarting it, the message appears immediately…

Does this help to identify the reason (I use 64 version)?

Greetings, EWO

Since 510.1 I’m having this problem too. I have set DC to do whatever it wants (e.g. no battery optimization) and this persists

let’s see if the next android/ios release behave better. we just merged some improvements to imap connection handling – hope you get a better experience once they are out. and happy to hear back on it then.

I still have this problem in version 0.950
Just closing the application for the history and reopening, I get the messages.