DC-Android 1.42.6 cannot be updated via APK

Until now, it was always possible to update the Playstore version of DC using the APK file from the website. This no longer works with version 1.44. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional.
Therefore, I haven’t written anything about it on GitHub.
However, DC 1.44 can be reinstalled without any problems using the APK file.
The new DC version also works fine. :+1:


I was able to update the Playstore version with version 1.44.0 downloaded from https://get.delta.chat just an hour ago. Which apk did you try exactly?

The same version. After I tapped “Update” nothing else happens. :thinking:
I’m using Android 14.

Maybe 1.44 has been wrongly named 1.42.6, like the older version, and if one might using 1.42.6 already, it then wouldn’t work? Having watched the versions updates the last days, my person saw new “last update” yet version no. stayed same on google as well on apk-pure.

(Downloading via apk-pure wouldn’t work, to see which version actually. Yet also using old Android version)

i checked the version numbers, they look good. otherwise, one would probably also not be able to update Google Play Installations. and we have not heared about general Google Play update problems.

however, as some report success by updating Google Play Installation by a manual APK while others do not, i suspect this is very android version and manufactures specific - that all do different things to “protect” installations.

Google Play is still in rollout, however, the next 2 days, we should be at 100%, so you’ll get the update that way :slight_smile: