DC as email client update

Hello! I have searched this forum and elsewhere about this question. The latest info is quite dated, so I was looking for an update. As of Dec 2023, what is the state of DC as being used as an email client for iOS? Is it a good replacement to more standard mail clients? Any issues or problems? Thanks in advance!

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Hello :wave:,
Delta Chat basically works with any IMAP account and can therefore also be used as a normal email client. Compared to other messengers, this offers the advantage of being able to reach anyone who has an email address. So basically everyone.
Only email subjects are not yet supported. Additionally, push cannot be used in iOS because DC does not operate its own mail server. The so-called heartbeat server largely compensates for this.
Further information can be found in the official FAQ.

we haven’t wrote an application letter to apple to request the mailto entitlement which is required that the users can set DC as default mail app on iOS.