DCLOGIN: when scanning qr code for same email ask to replace password

when scanning a dclogin qr code with the same address as the currently selected account it should ask the user if they want to take over the new password (and advanced options) from the qr code.

Then the qr code could be shown by a provider to re-login into dc after the user changed their password.

Though I personally think it would be better to expand our oauth2 support instead, so a password change would not nessesarly kick/logout all devices automatically.

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I think it would make sense if users could change their password for chatmail accounts.
Some people find it irritating and somehow “suspicious” if the password is predetermined and they cannot change it.

chat mail is a different topic. (chatmail uses DCACCOUNT, which is an url to a server endpoint that gives you a username and a password, this topic is about DCLOGIN, those codes contain the email credentials directly without any server request)

Sorry, that was a misunderstanding. But I still think it is important that the passwords for chatmail accounts can be changed.

Yes, I can see valid reasons why someone might want to change the password for a chatmail account e.g. setting an easy password or re-using a password when setting it up, intending to change it to something more secure later, only to find that’s not possible. Maybe this isn’t the most urgent issue to address, but it would be a nice feature to have.