Default font is not beautifull for Persian

hi :slight_smile:
the default font is not beautiful for Persian language and its rough edges are creating a “low graphic” feel in the users
I changed the font in the Dev tool :
the default font:

another font:(B nazanin)

the whole application is more beautiful when I change the font. it’s not just the chat area.
is it possible to add an option in settings for selecting fonts? I changed it through dev tools but I have to change it every time I open the δ

we currently ship with google noto, that font aims to support all languages.
maybe we could sometime make a setting for changing fonts, however for now you could use a custom theme in your user folder for that.

steps to creating a custom theme:
deltachat-desktop/ at master · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

When you make a new theme feel free to distribute it, though there is one downside: themes might need to be recompiled with new delta chat versions.

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thank you for that :slight_smile: I will create a theme
but I prefer to see things as others are seeing them and I can’t make my friends use a custom theme (they already complain about “things being hard” in δ )

can you tell if eg, Signal or Telegram hav a nicer default font for Persian? maybe we can peek what they’re doing :slight_smile:

maybe a :lang(fa) { font-family: ... } in the css or so?

If your preferred font has a compatible license and is not too big we could also include it.