Default page of forum

I changed the default page of the forum to categories in order to guide new users,
but as this applies also to regular users I’m unsure whether this was the right decision.
Because this means that every user needs to change their forum-home-page preference to latest in order to have the old behavior.

The optimal solution would be to redirect not-logged-in users to the categories and logged in users to “Latest”, but It looks like discourse(our forum software) doesn’t support this.

What do you think?

  • Categories on landing page (current)
  • Latest on landing page (restore previous behaviour)
  • I have a better idea (please tell us bellow)

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Edit: closed the poll because there is a way to have both, if you got an better idea please share it below

Lets try categories and latest on the first page, apparently that’s an option too.

One can still set latest as default page in their user settings:
Own user page -> preferences -> interface -> Default Home Page

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