Delete Account on Desktop version

I’v plaed around with Desktop version 0.90.1

Also I created two accounts for testing.
Now I would like remove one of this accounts from DC.
Uninstall an reinstall the App don’t help.
I seems the databank will not removed or cleared by deinstalling the Desktop version.

I also didn’t find a button “remove account” or something like this.

Is there a way to remove a outdated account?

I use DC desktop v.0.90.1
on kubuntu.

Thank you in advance

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OK, fixed in current Version.

Thank you

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So what was/is the way to delete a single account in Linux Desktop version (Version 1.14.1)? I can’t find any menu button for deleting.

go to “switch account” in the main menu (the 3 dots) and then click on the X on the account you want to remove.

If there is only one account and if I intend to delete it (with the intent of signing back again later) is there no way to do so currently? Thanks.

see my post above → go in the account selection screen

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